What is Endpoint Protection?

Endpoint protection refers to the security solutions that are used to address issues pertaining to endpoint security. Thus, it can be defined as securing and protecting endpoints against all kinds of attacks, zero-day exploits and those inadvertent data leakages that happen due to human errors.

Endpoint protection is what helps prevent targeted attacks and APTs
( advanced persistent threats), which can't be prevented using antivirus solutions alone. Endpoint protection solutions provide enterprises with a full spectrum of security solutions that can be managed centrally and which helps secure endpoints- servers, workstations etc connected to endpoints, plus the many endpoint devices.

Endpoint Protection

Why Comodo Endpoint Protection?

To protect all your data and assets from 100% of incoming unknown threats, you need technology that doesn't depend on decades-old detection methods or even cutting-edge (but unreliable) machine learning. You need Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection with Containment Technology.

  • Two layers of virtualization for better protection:the OS and CPU (when supported)
  • Prevents infection across the networkfrom Web, email, documents, USBs and any executable files
  • Containment defeats unknown cyber-threatsfrom viruses, trojans, and ransomware to zero-day malware and advanced persistent threats on patched or unpatched machines
  • Auto-containment of fileless malwareto protect system memory with granular security for command line parsers or executors (Windows commands, Python and PERL scripts)
  • Extremely lightweight clientwith no impact on performance hits requiring less than 1% CPU and only 20 MG resource usage
  • Transparent to end users with no impact on usability- end users run unknown files safely in containment so it is business as usual

Patented Containment Technology

Comodo Cybersecurity Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) utilizes patented Containment Technology and prevents zero-day threats like no other vendor in the market.

  • ContainmentWhen an unknown file, a potential zero-day threat, attempts to execute on an endpoint, the file is immediately encapsulated by Comodo Containment Technology.
  • No impact on workflows and end-user performanceUsers can open files, downloaded scripts and executables can run, but without write access to key system resources.
    End-users still enjoy seamless productivity and aren’t even aware of AEP securing their device. While in containment, the file is analyzed in the cloud to provide accurate and fast safe/malicious verdicts – 95% of the time, reaching decisions in under 45 seconds.
  • Backed by Human SpecialistsThe rest of the time, human specialists are on call to apply expert analysis of more sophisticated threats and return a verdict in a maximum of 4 hours. Verdicts then inform future analysis by the Valkyrie verdicting engine, updated globally in real-time.

Overview Dashboard

Endpoint Security Status
Endpoint Patching Status
Device Activity Status
Operating Systems Enrolled
Device Types

Full visibility to view
your entire environment.

Device List Displays:

All Enrolled Devices
Device Active Components
Device Owner
Device Patch Status
Device Last Activity

View and manage all endpoints
in a single interface.

Client Security

Control and Manage
protection by enabling:

  • Antivirus
  • Firewall
  • Auto-Containment
  • HIPS
  • VirusScope
  • Website Filtering

Benefit: Fully customize the layers of security needed for your business.

Client Security

Auto-Containment Contains all unknown files until verdicted as safe / malicious, while end-users experience seamless productivity.

Benefit: Protect against zero day attacks without hindering end-user productivity.

Client Security

Performs local behavioral and
action-based analysis on all
executed unknown files.

Detect malware that appears non threating but acts malicious.

Active Processes

View all executed unknown files on a device, with the ability to erase all active processes.

Benefit: Analyze the entire process chain from start to finish in real-time while monitoring the container.

This unknown file happens
to be Ransomware!

While in containment, a green border will appear around the executed unknown file on the device and indicates that the device cannot be harmed by the unknown file.

Benefit: Unknown files cannot infect endpoints because they are running within Auto-Containment.

Threat History

Analyze total threats in your environment and filter by device name, application, file path, status and first and last detection.

Benefit: Track all threats on endpoints.

Valkyrie Details

Valkyrie performs static and dynamic analysis on all unknown files executed in an environment, with the addition of human expert analysis for more advanced threats.

Benefit: Access your own personal report for a full forensic analysis of the most advanced threats that come in contact with your environment.


95% of the time, a safe /
malicious verdict is returned in under 45 seconds.

5% of the time, human
experts are on call to analyze more sophisticated threats, returning a verdict in less than 4 hours.

Benefit: Fastest SLA for returning verdicts with a combination of machine learning and reverse human engineering.

View Killchain

Detailed PDF document that includes total threat activity and detailed network information.

Benefit: Save and archive a full forensic footprint report.

Killchain Report:

Human Expert Analysis

Analyze human expert analysis details and results for a particular unknown file.

Valkyrie Report

View the total footprint of the unknown file by detection, classification and behavior.

Valkyrie Network
Behavior Summary

Report that monitors contacted IP’s, network port distribution, SND queries/answers and UDP packets.

File Hunter Tool

Discover how many unknown files reside on a device or group of devices.

Quick scan will take
10 minutes or less.


Advanced Endpoint Protection

  • Leverages Comodo patented Containment Technology to prevent all unknown files from performing damage 100% of the time, while still allowing end users to run files and be productive.
  • Thrives in leading operating systems, including Windows, Windows Server, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android.
  • Scalable for all sized businesses. MSP platform available.

Built From The Ground Up


BulletProof endpoints against zero-day malware, without impacting end user productivity.

Flexible Customization

Scalable for all sixed business security needs.


Combination of machine learning and human expert analysis, obtaining a verdict as fact as 45 seconds.

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Comodo Valkyrie™
The Exceptional Power Behind the Scenes

Comodo Valkurie analyzes the 73 billion file queries and 300 million unique unknown files that are submitted annually. Static and dynamic file behavior analysis and, when needed, expert human analysis, provide accelerated verdicts for approximately 200 million known and 1 million unique, unknown files every day. Forensic intelligence helps you predict your attacks next move for a proactive defense.

ITSM brings all your endpoint management needs together-including the remote provisioning, configuration and control of Android, iOS and Windows devices-into a unified SaaS platform that streamlines operations and reduces risks from the limited visibility and potential security gaps of multiple point products and management tools.

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Complete Protection,
All in One, Endpoint Security Solution

Comodo AEP secures all your servers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices from known and unknown malware–without requiring signatures or updates. And, it supports Android, iOS, Windows or Linux systems, regardless of the type or age of the endpoint hardware.

You can see and manage everything though the single dashboard of our unified management platform.

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